Bitter Gourd Rice In A Pot. (Diabetic Vegan) L.N.S.

Bitter Gourd rice in a pot.  (Diabetic vegan) L.N.S.

Bitter Gourd rice in a pot. (Diabetic vegan) L.N.S.

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Ingredients of Bitter Gourd rice in a pot. (Diabetic vegan) L.N.S.:

  • 2 pinch Aesfoerdieta ( Hing)
  • 2 pinch cumin seeds
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1/4 tsp Rock salt
  • 5 Bitter Groud
  • 100 grams Rice

Method for "Bitter Gourd rice in a pot. (Diabetic vegan) L.N.S.":

  1. Wash and cut all the Bitter Gourd into rounds.
  2. Take a non stick frying pan on a gas keep it on high for some time like 30 sec. Put oil in it.
  3. Then put Hing and then cumin seeds in the oil.
  4. Then put washed and round pieces of Bitter gourd. In the nonstick frying pan.
  5. Stir it. Now and then at medium. By adding rock salt. Keep vigil.
  6. When done keep aside fried Bitter Gourd aside ...
  7. Now wash the rice and put it in a mud pot keeping the level of water 2 inches above the level of rice.
  8. Now keep it on Gas Stove for 5 min high then after a boil simmer the stove.
  9. After a boil and before simmering the Gas add the bitter gourd in it and just leave it for five minutes on a simmer position.
  10. Off the stove and keep aside. For few minutes .
  11. You can serve it with chattney or papad or with pickle of your choice.