Egg Biryani

Egg biryani

Egg biryani

By: Eddy Oloo Uduny via

Ingredients of Egg biryani:

  • Rice, eggs, saffron powder, biryani masala, ginger, garlic, onions, garam masala, tomatoes salt,tomato paste and, chilli powder

Method for "Egg biryani":

  1. Boil the eggs and set aside. Cook the rice and add saffron powder both red and yellow. Make the biryani sauce.
  2. Fry onions, garlic, ginger 2 tomatoes, stir and add tomato paste, salt, biryani masala, salt, garam masala and chilli powder,chili powder, stir to in cooperation well and then add in the boiled eggs without the shell and let it simmer for 20 mins
  3. When cooking the rice you only add the saffron after the water is drained