Bloody Mary Shoulder Roast

Bloody Mary shoulder roast

Bloody Mary shoulder roast

By: codyW via

Ingredients of Bloody Mary shoulder roast:

  • 3 lb shoulder roast
  • BBQ rub, I used applewood rub
  • 3 Onions at least
  • Celery to your likening
  • Potatoes to your likening
  • Big bottle Bloody Mary mix I use zing zang
  • Couple drops of hot sauce
  • Couple drops of Worcestershire sauce
  • Pinch salt an pepper
  • Aluminum pan - big pan
  • Baby carrots pack or two

Method for "Bloody Mary shoulder roast":

  1. Put rub on your roast, can smoke if you have smoker for about a hour if not I brown my roast in a skillet or pot. Was browned put in aluminum pan.
  2. Cut yah onions into slice or rings, throw your potatoes,carrots,celery’s half’s,an onions around the roast, sprinkle salt an pepper. Then pour Bloody Mary mix till least reaches the top of the roast, then sprinkle hot sauce an Worcestershire sauce around to yah likening an let bake for a couple hours till tender