Rice Cooker Pastina

Rice cooker Pastina

Rice cooker Pastina

By: Mads via Cookpad.com

Ingredients of Rice cooker Pastina:

  • half a rice cooker provided “cup” of dry pastina or acini di pepe pasta
  • chicken stock
  • 1 egg
  • 2 teaspoons or so of Locatelli grated romano cheese. You can eyeball this or to taste
  • to taste black pepper
  • to taste salt

Method for "Rice cooker Pastina":

  1. Put pastina in rice cooker and full with stock to half cup line
  2. Add salt and pepper, turn on the cooker
  3. Whisk egg with cheese in a separate bowl
  4. When the cooker switches to warm, add the whisked egg and cheese
  5. Cover and let sit for about 5 min
  6. Because of the nature of the rice cooker, you’ll need to add extra broth until the pastina is covered, some thickness is ok though
  7. Done! If you want, sprinkle more cheese on top and serve, but it’s not really necessary as it’s delicious on it’s own.